Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunset Zoo

I love visiting the zoo!! Our zoo here in Manhattan is small but I think it is amazing to see the animals! My husband doesn't feel the same way. I always give him a hard time because he never wants to take me! Well, since Enrique was going to be working all day, I decided to go on a date... with my camera. It was a bright sunny afternoon and I just thought I would enjoy the day making photographs.

This was my lucky shot!! This pregnant bobcat was moving all over the place, pacing back and forth and I couldn't get my camera to autofocus on the cat instead of the fence. So, I set it to manual focus and waited!! I was crouched down on the ground so that I could get eye level, after about 5 mins I got it!! I knew I had it, I left the zoo very happy!!


This was the best I could do. If only I had a zoom lens but that will have to come later. Even so, I think it is really nice contrast with the bright colors of the tiger and the white snow.

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